About Me

I am Deepak Venugopal, a multi-disciplinary and passionate IT Enterprise Architect, Developer and Consultant. I assist enterprises in the design, implementation and migration of complex IT infrastructure solutions and specialise in Datacenters, Cloud and Automation.

Enterprise IT infrastructure and software development to me is not just a job or hobby. It is not something I do on weekdays, at work or when bored. It is a passion that I continue to learn and perfect every day.

I work with some of the most beautiful minds from across the world every day. I work with artists, I work with musicians, I work with athletes, I work with engineers, I work with leaders, I work with parents, I work with children, I work with monks, I work with people who inspire, I work with people who think different and above all I work with some amazing human beings. They push me forward, they make me believe that I can excel, I can adapt and above all, they make me understand that the possibilities are limitless. I owe what I am to them.

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Deepak Venugopal